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MedPath Consult solves our clients’ most complex challenges by building seamless workflows to bridge clinical pathology and research operations. We drive innovation by understanding that human resource is pivotal to the success of any business and therefore, we deliver transformational outcomes through our employment services.

Patients, Professionals, Employers

MedPath Consult believes that a holistic approach in biobanking and pathology management should consider the interests of all stakeholders. Our logo was designed to represent our ideology and our vision. The color scheme in our logo mimic the stains (hematoxylin and eosin) that are fundamental to diagnostic pathology. Similarly, we believe that efficient clinical and research operations are the backbone of a productive laboratory. The three circles of our logo represent key stakeholders: patients, laboratory professionals and employers.

Heidi Wagner

Heidi Wagner brings over a decade of experience in biobanking and anatomic pathology. Her expertise includes strategic planning and execution of biobanking and surgical pathology operations in large complex hospital systems. Heidi’s experience in both biobanking and pathology operations allows her to uniquely offer to her clients a unified and inter-operable perspective.

Heidi is considered a thought leader in the biobanking and surgical pathology workflow space.  Areas of interest and expertise for Heidi includes bioregulatory policies, best practices and outcomes, biobanking vis-à-vis translational research, standardized sample management, risk assessment, quality assurance and quality control, waste management, biobanking protocol design, accreditation by regulatory agencies and hiring of clinical and research professionals.  


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Giving back is a key element of the MedPath Consult mission.  We are dedicated to reinvesting in educational non-profit organizations.  This means that a portion of our sales is allocated to Male Breast Cancer awareness: www.malebreastcancer.ca
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